Traffic Planing.

AW Roadworks provide planning strategies such as Traffic Management Plans (TMP’s) for roadworks, events, emergencies and Utilities services to provide a means of planning and implementing how all likely road users, pedestrians, and workers will be safely and efficiently guided through or around an active work area and ensure the network performance is not unduly impacted throughout the duration of the job. Traffic management plans are critical for organizations working near roads or pedestrian pathways and a requirement of state authorities and councils who require professionally developed traffic management plans as part of a permit process.

Emergency Response.

AW roadworks Traffic Management provides a 24/7 emergency response team, our services include on-call traffic controllers and equipment ready to deal with a range of traffic emergency situations. We have the ability to mobilize a traffic management with rapid response times and a quick implementation by high skilled traffic controllers. AW Roadworks provide a 24-hour contact number with where you can speak to experienced traffic management specialists.



AW Roadworks Traffic Management is a quality company based in Busselton light industrial area specializing in safe and cost-effective traffic management solutions, traffic planning and traffic control services for all of the South West and Perth metropolitan area. We provide a full range of traffic management services suitable for projects of all sizes. At AW Roadworks, we ensure that all staff that works on your site will be the safest and most suitable traffic controller for the job.


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